Photo Gallery






May 2018 Doctoral Defence
Photo Credit: Natalia Balyasnikova

Oct 2017 Guest presenter EDUC 210: Introduction to Global Citizenship Part I
Photo Credit: Natalia Balyasnikova

May 2017, Canadian Society for the Study of Education (Ryerson University, TO)
Photo Credit: Natalia Balyasnikova

Fun at the UBC Alumni Reception at CSSE May 2017 with Yuya Takeda & Ernesto Peña
Photo Credit: Urban-Edge Photography (see more photos of the event here).


The photos on the left were taken at one of two Ecopoetic events on June 23 2017.
Photo credit: Yuya Takeda


August 2017 Presentation to students of Tokyo Board Program.
Photo credit: Natalia Balyasnikova

Above: February 2015, Provoking Curriculum Conference (UBC, Vancouver)
Photo Credit: Ernesto Peña

Below: Excerpt of Dr. Carl Leggo and my contribution to the panel presentation, “When is the Teacher? Reflections on social fiction, film, and life writing”, presented at Provoking Curriculum (UBC, Vancouver). Video credit: Joe Norris.