Deceptive Media

** UPDATE (Feb 8 2018)** visit for posts and resources on topics related to deceptive media (website remains a work in progress).

The current political and media landscape in the U.S. and Canada beg for serious conversations about critical media. There have been ongoing calls for students to develop skills to assess the validity and underlying motivations of media. This is evident in the development of the new curriculum in various Canadian provinces, and specifically with the New Media module offered as part of the new secondary English Language Arts curriculum in B.C.

Working with Ernesto Peña (PhD candidate in LLED, sessional instructor, and graphic designer), they have have presented and provided workshops at several different venues :

  • Digital Literacy Centre Seminar Series (in LLED)
  • Vancouver School Board
  • Innovation Grant partner with Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows School District (no. 42) in B.C.
  • Canadian Society for the Study of Education
  • libraries across the Vancouver area
  • workshops presented to elementary and secondary teachers
  • engaging teacher candidates within several courses and seminar workshops within the BEd program at UBC

Through their presentations and workshops Claire and Ernesto invite participants to be more critical. Deceptive media is nothing new. It has existed since the introduction of media. It is partly because of the advancements of technology and the advent of social media that “fake news” is indeed much easier to produce/create and to distribute at a much faster rate, thus making it appear to be a new phenomenon. However, the success of deceptive media depends upon much more than technologies. Claire and Ernesto choose to use the term “deceptive media” as a way to include all forms of deception that exists in all forms of media.

Their workshops and presentations position the current discussions about media deception within its historical context, and dispel misconceptions, misreadings and misunderstandings about these discussions. Claire and Ernesto problematize the relationship between educators and media at a time when we are urged to mobilize knowledge while also being openly critical when participating on media platforms. They also offer insights and tools for targeting media deception, not simply as an individual manifestations, but the overall phenomenon. From this, they have gathered a number of resources to share with participants members, and will be posted on this page. Feel free to contact Claire to arrange for a presentation and/or workshop.

Image designed by Ernesto Peña